Quash är ett populärt rockband från Gävle, med ett tungt men samtidigt melodiskt sound som lockar en bred publik. Quash gör både tunga hårdrocksgig och lugnare akustiska spelningar och kan höras både på stora hårdrocksfestivaler och mindre klubbar.

”En raritet i musik-Gävle.Tunggunget kulminerar i en refräng där harmoni och melodi kommer fram på ett sätt som tyder på såväl musikalisk mognad som ett bevarat barnasinne. Quash är kanske främst ett liveband och ord som samspelt och tight nämns ofta i samband med Quash.”


Live live live!!

skrivet 2016-03-05

Nu 11 mars ställer vi oss och öppnar för Electric Boys på Riot Rockbar i Sandviken. Dörrarna öppnar 21.30. Kom o rocka till fina riff.   https://www.facebook.com/events/425312027593343/

New dates for concerts!!!!

skrivet 2015-03-21

Se kommande konserter.

Wote for Quash.

skrivet 2014-12-11

Now you can wote for Quash to play at Sweden Rock Festival.
Folow the link below. You can wote everyday, until januari 11 – 2015.


Or: http://www.swedenrock.com – gå till festival – sedan band competition 2015


Thank you for a nice party!!!

skrivet 2014-11-01

We are incredibly grateful and delighted to all who came, helped us out, or otherwise contributed to
make our 25-year party as good as it was.
We take the good feeling with us as we go on making the rest of our career. 🙂

So long. / Quash

One week to go….

skrivet 2014-10-05

Now it´s Close.,
Here are some of the guests, who will make this evening marvolous.

Michaela Norgren
Johan Sohlberg
Christer Jäderlund
Markus Odby
Magnus Arnar
Tobias Östlund

Remember, it starts early. at 19 and first band out 20.
see you.

More info about the jubilee

skrivet 2014-09-12

We have the great pleasure to tell you, that there will be some nice guest-apperance all evening.
More about that soon to come.

Here is the program.:
19.00 It starts with DJ Quash and a small buffe´.
20.00 Quash playes acustic
21.00 Antham
21.40 Transmissionplot
22.20 Eva Svensk
23.00 Quash ( full speed )
– around 01
Rack´n´Roll is open 15-02 Admission free.

New video out !

skrivet 2014-08-16

New video out on Youtube. Its a new video, but not a new song.
Though the song is still up to date as anytime. 🙂

See you.

New info –

skrivet 2014-07-04

The 25-year jubilee-party will be at Rack’n’Roll in Gävle.
Very good. More info to come. I feel fine.
Rack´n´Roll logo 2

25-year jubilee ! ! ! ! !

skrivet 2014-04-05

We can now announce the date for the jubilee. Yes, we´ve beer rockin´ 25 year now….
October 11th is the date for you to remember.
And new T-shirts to wear !!!!

News…. gigs and infos.

skrivet 2014-01-26

After the christmas-break, the boys are ready to go on agian.
They are booking gigs and might even be writing some new song…

Next gig are Blå Scenen – at the city-libery.

So long…

Luciarock 2013

skrivet 2013-12-01

With this great line-up, this years Luciarock, will be big.
The boys will play acoustic and without drums ! It will be soft and sweet.
Be there to hear the songs in a new way.


Thank you :-)

skrivet 2013-11-16

Thank you all, who showed up at the Musichouse (Musikhuset)
It was a great evening and it makes us in a good mood for the furure.
Now we are going to make plans for the next tour.
We´ll see you.

Countdown. . .

skrivet 2013-11-02

Now theres just a couple of days left until the show.
It feels like its gonna be a magical evening. Some new variations may apperar.
Hope to see many of you there.

Stop. New date !

skrivet 2013-09-22

New date for the Nebraska-gig.
The new date is 7th November and it´s the same time as before; 19.00 and they serve the best sandwitches.

Change of bands

skrivet 2013-08-27

To bad, The Sticky inc arent able to play. So instead Amanda Warren comes and light up our lifes.
Doors at 22. And we´ll see you then.

New gigs are booked.

skrivet 2013-07-27

New shows booked.
First up is an Electric gig, with two other bands – The sticky inc & Kolonin.
The place is Å-Krogen in Gävle and the date 13 sep.
The other one, is a Unplugged-gig at Nebraska -Sjömanskyrkan in Gävle
Date for that is 31 oct. Ok great .All for now.